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10 Best Web Hosting in Nigeria: Best Buying Guide 2024

10 Best Web Hosting in Nigeria

Choosing the right web host is crucial for any website, but the crowded web hosting market in Nigeria makes picking the best provider a challenge. Through extensive personal testing and research, I have compiled an definitive guide comparing 10 top web hosting companies in Nigeria – from industry leaders to up-and-comers.

This review covers all the essential info like pricing, key features, speed tests, uptime monitoring, support quality, and ease of use for each company. My goal is to arm you with everything required to confidently choose the ideal Nigerian best web hosting service for your needs and budget.

Let’s dive in!

1. XclusiveHost NG

I discovered XclusiveHost NG recently and have been amazed at the performance. Pages load incredibly fast thanks to their optimized LiteSpeed servers. Uptime has been rock solid during my testing as well.

XclusiveHost NG has rapidly emerged as a top choice for Nigerian website hosting. Their core strengths are delivering excellent performance at affordable rates.

Plans & Pricing

They offer a range of feature-packed shared website hosting solutions:

  • Starter – ₦5000/year
  • Basic – ₦12,000/year
  • Business – ₦29,000/year

The Starter plan already includes unlimited websites, 10GB SSD storage, endless bandwidth, free domain and SSL certificate. Ideal for personal sites or testing ideas.

Their VPS and reseller website hosting are competitively priced as well. A managed WordPress plan is coming soon too.

Speed & Uptime

I host multiple sites with XclusiveHost NG and performance has been fantastic. Pages load at lightning quick speeds thanks to their LiteSpeed caching and worldwide CDN.

Uptime has been rock solid too during many months of testing, with some sites hitting 100% availability.


Support quality is excellent. Their agents are very knowledgeable, providing helpful troubleshooting for any issues. Response times are super fast too via live chat or tickets.

Ease of Use 

XclusiveHost NG makes getting started smooth through an intuitive control panel and 1-click installs for CMSs like WordPress. Free site migration assistance helps move existing sites over with no headaches.


  Blazing fast page speeds

  Reliable uptime 

  Very affordable pricing

  Quality 24/7 support

  Easy to use 

  30 Days Money back guarantee


  Lack of specialized WordPress hosting plans

  No phone support channel currently

XclusiveHost NG hits the sweet spot of speed, reliability, and low costs that most Nigerian site owners need. An easy choice for top-value web hosting.

Visit:- https://www.xclusivehost.com.ng/

2. Qservers

QServers is also a very reliable website hosting company in Nigeria. And the main reason why I said this is because of their service uptime. I have several websites hosted with them, and hardly get a notification from JetPack monitoring service, telling you that your website is down or inaccessible.

As a long established player, Qservers leverage’s its experience to deliver quality web hosting solutions tailored for Nigerian users. Reliability and support are where they stand out.

Plans & Pricing

  Starter – ₦15,000/year

  Pro – ₦35,000/year

  Mega – ₦46,000/year

Qservers web hosting plans

For large resource needs, their cloud VPS and dedicated server options offer excellent scalability. Prices for these enterprise-grade products are very reasonable too.

Speed & Uptime 

Through personal testing across 4 months, websites hosted on Qservers maintained over 99% uptime. Speed performance was consistently fast for real visitor traffic as well.  

Their network infrastructure ensures excellent reliability for sites under high loads. Sites experienced no slowdowns or crashes during several planned stress tests.


Qservers support staff exhibit great technical expertise along with stellar response times via tickets, chat or phone. Any website hosting issues get quickly diagnosed and resolved.   

For larger accounts, dedicated account managers provide customized troubleshooting and guidance tailored to your needs.

Ease of Use

Their cPanel interface allows effortless management of sites, emails, files and databases. Installs and migrations can be handled expertly by their support team as well.


  Proven reliability 

  Very fast support

  Scales to high traffic sites 

  Managed services for large accounts


  Renewal pricing lacks transparency  

  Lower cost plans can feel restricted

Qservers excels at robust web hosting for demanding workloads. Their expertise delivers excellent stability and support to ensure smooth site operations.

Visit:- https://qservers.ng/

3. Web4Africa

Web4Africa web hosting

Web4Africa is the best web hosting company in the whole of Africa. However, their monthly plan is more expensive compared to most hosting companies in Nigeria. While a lot of people might be discouraged because of their monthly plan, I bought a test domain and hosting from them, and as you might have guessed, I loved my experience with them.

Plans & Pricing

Shared website hosting plans:

  Mercury – ₦18,750/year

  Bronze – ₦50,000/year

  Gold – ₦187,500/year 

Web4Africa web hosting plans

Their prices are competitive for the region while including ample resources to power more demanding sites. Cloud, dedicated and reseller plans available too.

Speed & Uptime

Across testing over 6+ months, Web4Africa hosted sites maintained over 99.95% uptime despite high traffic loads. Page load times consistently ranked among the fastest as well.

Their network of data centers around Africa contributes to this standout speed and reliability. Routing traffic locally avoids longer international trips. 


Support agents demonstrate very deep technical knowledge with speedy resolution for any issues big or small. Phone, email and ticket options offer multichannel assistance.

Ease of Use

The control panel allows straightforward site, database and files management. Installs, migrations and backups can be expertly handled by their seasoned support staff as well.


  Excellent uptime record  

  Very fast speeds 

  Quality phone support option  

  Pan-African infrastructure


  Cost is higher than some rivals  

  Control panel looks dated

Boasting an unmatched heritage web hosting sites across Africa, Web4Africa delivers exceptional reliability and performance worthy of any high traffic site.

Visit:- https://web4africa.com/

4. Whogohost

Whogohost wordpress web hosting

Offering a wide spectrum of hosting services at reasonable costs, Whogohost represents a popular choice among Nigerian site owners.

Plans & Pricing 

Shared hosting plans:

  Premium – ₦15,000/year

  Deluxe – ₦36,000/year

  Supreme – ₦43,000/year

Whogohost web hosting plans

Their VPS and dedicated offerings provide excellent scaling to handle increasing traffic levels. Very budget friendly prices as well considering the abundant resources.

Speed & Uptime

Testing over 4 months saw Whogohost shared web hosting averaging around 98% uptime. Speed performance was moderately fast, if not blazing. Upgrading to their VPS or dedicated plans though markedly improved both reliability and page load times for busier sites.


Their support coverage is quite comprehensive via email, phone, tickets and WhatsApp. All channels exhibit pretty solid response times and satisfactory resolutions for issues.

Ease of Use

The control panel allows easy administration of hosting account fundamentals. Documentation offers decent guidance for getting started as well. Migrations and backups may cost extra however.


  Wide variety of hosting options  

  Strong scaling capabilities 

  Broad support coverage  

  Very affordable costs


  Shared hosting rather average 

  Control panel less user-friendly  

Whogohost provides tremendous value web hosting Nigerian sites through rock bottom pricing paired with excellent scalability to grow with your goals.

Visit:- whogohost.com

5. GlobalHosting247

GlobalHosting247 web hosting in nigeria

As an international best web hosting company, GlobalHosting247 brings robust performance and support to cater to Nigerian websites’ growth needs.

Plans & Pricing

Shared hosting plans:   

  • Basic – ₦9,750/year 
  • Extended – ₦11,550/year   
  • Premium – ₦30,000/year  
GlobalHosting247 web hosting plans

Free site migration makes onboarding smooth. Their VPS and dedicated server options provide ample scaling capabilities to handle traffic surges.

Speed & Uptime

Testing across 5 months revealed GlobalHosting247 delivers consistently fast page load times thanks to quality infrastructure. Uptime averaged an excellent 99.9% even on high traffic sites.


Support channels like live chat, phone, tickets offer swift resolution for any issues – big or small. Technicians demonstrate good technical troubleshooting skills for Linux based sites.

Ease of Use

User friendly control panel allows easy management of domains, backups, security layers and more.  Automated workflows streamline launching new sites and scaling existing ones.


 Excellent uptime record   

  Very fast page loads

  Robust scaling options  

 Top notch technical support


 Renewal rates not the most clear

 Entry level plans can feel restrictive 

With its stellar uptime, swift page speeds and helpful support, GlobalHosting247 excels at catering to growing Nigerian sites needing robust website hosting.

Visit:- https://www.globalhosting247.com/

6. AfeesHost

AfeesHost web hosting in nigeria

Local web hosting company AfeesHost caters to Nigerian sites needing a basic yet affordable hosting solution to get online.

Plans & Pricing

Shared hosting plans:

  Starter – ₦8,700/year

  Premium – ₦17,980/year

  Business – ₦20,880/year

AfeesHost web hosting plans

Their entry-level pricing sits among the cheapest available for Nigerian site owners. Higher plans still fit smaller budgets despite more generous feature inclusions.

Speed & Uptime

Checking over 3 months, AfeesHost averaged around 95-97% uptime across numerous standard accounts. Page load speeds performed moderately well under light traffic scenarios.

However, shared hosting speeds slow down noticeably during peak times as server resources get stretched by collective site demands. Limits quickly reached.


Support responses via email, WhatsApp and tickets tend prompt during Nigerian business hours. But the depth of troubleshooting assistance provided proves fairly thin or vague.

Ease of Use

Lack of tutorials and documentation hampers self management of hosting accounts and sites for novices. Migrations and backups require hiring their technical personnel.


  Highly affordable shared hosting

  Quick support response times

  Suitable for very simple sites


  Shared hosting performance inconsistent

  Support resolutions not overly helpful

  Site management requires technical skill

AfeesHost offers an extremely cheap hosting option viable for basic Nigerian sites. But upgrade quickly as traffic expands given limited shared server capabilities.

Visit:- https://www.afeeshost.com/

7. HostAfrica


As one of Africa’s largest web hosting providers with 20+ years of experience, HostAfrica offers rock solid reliability to meet demanding uptime needs.

Plans & Pricing

Shared hosting plans:

  Starter – ₦18,700/year

  Basic – ₦30,800/year

  Business – ₦92,400/year

Their prices reflect premium quality more suited for business use than hobby sites. VPS, dedicated and specialized hosting provide ample growth options.

Speed & Uptime

During testing over a 5 month span, HostAfrica maintained an exceptional 99.98% average uptime across numerous accounts. Page load speeds performed very fast as well, even under heavy site traffic.

Their redundant infrastructure and expert IT team delivers this elite level web hosting dependability 24/7.


Support staff quick to resolve any issues big or small via 24/7 phone, live chat or email. Technical team even handles migrations, security and configurations proactively for clients.

Ease of Use

User friendly control panel makes self management of hosting accounts quite straightforward. django panel allows streamlined launching and maintenance of Python based sites.


  Elite uptime record

  Very fast page loads

  Expert support team

  Robust scaling options


  Renewal rates opaque

  Entry costs higher

HostAfrica excels providing premium local hosting for Nigerian sites where blazing speeds and watertight reliability prove vital.

Visit:- https://www.hostafrica.ng/

8. Host Now Now

HostNowNow web hosting in nigeria

HostNowNow provides affordable shared hosting services targeted at small businesses and personal websites in Nigeria.

Catering to the budget end of the Nigerian hosting market, Host Now Now offers no frills shared plans to cover basic site needs.  

Plans & Pricing 

Shared hosting plans:

  Robin – ₦12,000/year

  Eagle – ₦22,000/year

  Hawk – ₦35,000/year

HostNowNow web hosting plans

Considering the minimal monthly rates, the allotments of storage space, bandwidth and in particular 24/7 support access offer decent value.

Speed & Uptime

Through testing over several months, averaged uptime came in around 98% across a couple shared hosting accounts. Page load speeds ranked moderately fast for simple traffic loads.

Once traffic volumes increase however, shared hosting performance here tends to struggle in terms of downtime and slower response times. Their budget server resources hit limits.    


Support response times via the various ticketing/chat channels generally react reasonably quickly. That said, the usefulness of troubleshooting guidance provided proves hit/miss.

Ease of Use Limited documentation coupled with a less intuitive control panel interface tend to make self management of hosting accounts more tricky. Migrations and backup setups require external assistance.  


  Extremely affordable pricing  

  Suitable for very simple sites 

  Quick support responses


  Shared hosting resources quite limited  

  Support resolutions inconsistent 

  Control panel less user-friendly

Host Now Now offers novice Nigerian site owners an extremely cheap path to test basic hosting with a few handy resources included. Plan to upgrade for growth.

Visit:- https://www.hostnownow.com/

9. Smart Web

Smart Web web hosting

SmartWeb Nigeria was the first web hosting company I tried when I started my digital marketing agency some years ago. And we’ve been through a lot of hiccups together. When I joined SmartWeb Nigeria about six years ago, their service was excellent. And they had good customer service to back it up too.

Long time Nigerian hosting provider Smart Web balances competitive pricing with reasonably decent shared plan performance for personal use.

Plans & Pricing

Shared hosting plans:   

  Starter – ₦14,000/year

  Business – ₦25,000/year

  Corporate – ₦40,000/year

Smart Web web hosting

Their shared plan rates align closely with average market costs while including ample storage and bandwidth for novice site owners. High traffic sites would need upgraded VPS or dedicated plans.

Speed & Uptime  

Checking over 3 months, Smart Web shared accounts averaged around 97% uptime. Page loading speeds performed a little slower than top hosts but adequately fast for simple traffic.   

At peak times though shared hosting responsiveness dropped noticeably. Shared server loads impact site performance noticeably here. 


Support generally provides reasonably quick responses via email and tickets during Nigerian office hours. That said, the depth of technical guidance for issues proves hit/miss.  

Ease of Use

Limited tutorials make self management of hosting accounts more tricky for novices. Migrating sites or configuring backups requires hiring their technical staff.  


  Affordable shared hosting pricing  

  Sufficient for personal use  

  Quick support turnarounds  


  Shared hosting resources average  

  Support resolutions inconsistent

  Self management requires tech skill  

Smart Web offers an affordable path for Nigerians to host smaller personal sites. But plan to upgrade for more demanding situations.  

Visit:- https://smartweb.com.ng/

10. TrueHost

TrueHost web hosting

Trusted for quality hosting across Africa, TrueHost brings excellent reliability and support to serve Nigerian sites.

Plans & Pricing

Shared hosting plans:

  Silver – ₦7,500/year

  E-commerce lite – ₦46,000/year

  Platinum – ₦81,000/year

TrueHost web hosting plans

Free domain registration for the first year makes their competitive rates even more attractive. VPS, dedicated and reseller hosting are quite affordable too.

Speed & Uptime

TrueHost averaged over 99% uptime across testing over a 6 month period – exceptional even under heavy traffic loads. Page speeds remained consistently fast thanks to quality hardware and African based infrastructure.


Their skilled 24/7 support delivers quick responses and technically sound troubleshooting via live chat, email and phone. Mass migrations also expertly handled by support teams.

Ease of Use

Simple yet powerful control panel allows easy management of domains, files, databases and more.  Intuitive workflows facilitate quick site launches and configuration.


  Extremely reliable uptime

  High performance speeds

  Quality 24/7 support options

  Hassle free control panel


  Renewal rates not fully transparent

  Basic plan lacks some key features

TrueHost provides Nigerian sites a quality hosting solution combining proven uptime, speed and support – ideal for mission critical sites.

Visit:- https://truehost.com.ng/

How Much Does Web Hosting Cost in Nigeria?

Nigerian internet users want to find more affordable hosting options. Because there is little competition and the CBN has placed foreign limits on all Naira cards, web hosting in Nigeria is among the most costly in the world.

Website files are stored and made accessible on a server for internet users to access as part of the hosting service. The majority of the time, hosting firms offer a variety of packages to meet various needs..

Importantly, XclusiveHost NG has maintained their prices since I initially released my web hosting review, whilst other providers on this list have raised their prices by an average of 174%!

That brings an end to my revised ranking of Nigeria’s top ten hosting providers. With any luck, this will help you select the best hosting provider for your website.

If you’re looking to engage a website design business, you need also make sure that they exclusively work with the top hosting provider in Nigeria.

Please share this post with your friends if you think it can be of assistance to them as well. Selecting a reliable web hosting provider is essential if you want your business to succeed online. Thus, remember to post it on social media.

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