The upsurge of mobile applications does not seem to cease. According to Statista, there are currently over 4 billion smartphone users and this number is going to significantly increase by 2019.

The two major mobile app platforms, iOS, and Android house millions of mobile apps. Having 3.8 million apps on Google Play Store and over 2 million apps on the Apple App Store is not a small number.

We live in an era that is facing digitalization at all times and for this reason, people have started to use mobile apps as a medium to set their businesses. However, there is more to the usage of a mobile app than one can imagine.
Learning a language sounds exciting but not everyone is willing for the effort of learning.

It requires a person’s utmost attention, dedication, and interest but is it fixable? Various apps focus on making language-learning effective. With rapid digitalization, there are now apps that cater to every single user need. Learning new languages is no longer a far-off endeavor but there are certain limitations to learning an app online.

Making Language Learning Simpler

In the present time, we have apps covering every basic user need. We can book a doctor’s appointment from an app and even book an airplane flight. Mobile apps are making every single one of our daily routine needs simpler. Eliminating location and time boundaries, there is so much more that can be done with mobile apps.

It is difficult to learn a new skill, let alone a new language. However, learning a language requires a lot of time and dedication. At times, such courses and lessons are expensive hence not everyone possesses the ability to afford them.

However, the existence of language learning apps, with time, made the process of learning easy.
If you intend to create a language-learning app then it is not difficult. You do not have to acquire development skills to create one, as all you need is to find an iPhone app development company and let them create an engaging learning app for you.  
Here are five of the best IOS language learning apps for the inspiration of your app concept:


Awarded Apple App of the year in 2013, Duolingo proved to revamp accessibility in language learning.  It is free and follows the monetization method of in-app purchases.

With a community of 300 million individuals and an extensive variety of over 30 languages, many have appraised Duolingo because of its effective and well-designed style of learning. The app makes learning easier by using visual games, pictures and keep the users engaged with by personalizing their language lessons.


With a user base of 80 million people, Busuu is also a notable learning app. The free version supports 12 languages that vary for different learning levels. To access the premium features, users need to purchase recurring subscription options.

Each subscription is renewed automatically with extra courses, tools, and exercises. Busuu might not support many languages as Duolingo but it has great features of accent training, vocabulary, and quizzes that make it a worthwhile app.


Fusing a fun and engaging approach to learning, Memrise offers lessons based on games. With Memrise you can improve your pronunciation and enhance your vocabulary with a twist. There are videos and audio recordings of numerous phrases and unique words to help users in memorizing them.

The app even has a learning community where users across the globe can collaborate to learn a new language together. It has renewable subscription options with plans ranging from monthly to lifetime subscriptions that offer extended and premium learning features.

Google Translate

Google Translate, a translation tool, is used on both the web and mobile app stores. Using this translation tool is not difficult as it has a simple interface where all you have to do is type any word or sentence of your choice and you will be shown its translation.

Google Translate currently supports 103 languages, and even has an offline translation mode that supports up to 59 languages for now. Users can get an instant translation by simply uploading an image of the content they want to translate.


Babbel is another language-learning app that allows users to take lessons that last 10-15 minutes each. Ranging from beginner to advanced levels, this app is befitting for learning requirements for every sort of learner.

By letting you memorize certain words and phrases, Babbel even makes user pronounce those words and form a sentence from them. The app is free to download but it has in-app purchases and a premium version that unlocks all the exercises, courses and lessons for you.


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