Pay-per-click, is a tool of internet marketing, in which the advertisers buy visits to their websites by paying some fees. You must have seen whenever you are surfing on the internet and little ads pop up on your page, that is how pay per click works. The websites that show these ads gets paid for it each time anyone clicks on the ad. This is a very popular tool for gaining visitors. 

One of the most popular forms of PPC is search engine advertising, advertisers bid for ad placement on sponsored links in search engine. How it works? When someone searches something on that is related to your business, for example if someone searches ‘study abroad’ the ad for Leverage Edu might show up on the very top on the result page of google. 

Every time the ad is clicked , search engines are paid some money .It may sound like you have to pay a lot of money but the visitors you get on your website are worth a lot more than what you pay to the search engine ,let’s say you pay $2 for a click but that single click results in a sale of $200 , we have made a huge profit here .

It takes a lot to plan the perfect PPC program for your website, you have to research a lot about how the top website carry out their PPC programs, what you can do better? How will you go with the PPC program, will you take help only from google ads or shift to other internet platforms also?

 You have to select the right keyword that is related to your website and also is searched very often on the internet, that will definitely increase your visits. It is important that your PPC keyword is:


It should not be very common because then it will be more expensive but it should be very specific keeping in mind what your business is about and how your ad should pop up.


The keyword should be very closely related to your online website, you don’t want to pay for the people that are not your target audience, chose a keyword keeping in mind your target audience and what you have to offer to them.


You want your campaigns and programmes expanding with time, your list of PPC keywords should keep growing so that with time, the visits on your page also keep increasing. This should be your goal in marketing your website very effectively.

When you have made up your PPC program, you will have to manage it properly and regularly. It should continue to be effective by properly analysing the performance. If you cannot spend this much time and effort, you can hire someone with proper knowledge of digital marketing. Colleges now a days offer courses in digital marketing and students are succeeding in building a career in digital marketing. You can easily find the right person for the job.


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