Wikipedia is an encyclopedia delivering credible information to the readers. The platform consists of more than five million articles on a diverse range of subjects. Whether it is about a scientific fact or a scandal, Wikipedia has got it all covered. However, creating a Wikipedia page can be difficult for a writer. Not only because of following the guidelines of Wikipedia but also of the technicalities, the writer needs to follow to write the page.

Wikipedia is not just limited to information for a theses report or information on science; it has become one of the popular free marketing platforms. Companies are approaching writing agencies providing Wikipedia experts for hire to be able to create a well-researched Wikipedia article. The reason behind the vast use of Wikipedia as a marketing platform is because it is positioned as the world’s top five most visited websites which are helping businesses to get recognition and authority in the digital world.

In order to be a successful Wikipedia writer, here are some tips that you can follow to compose a well-researched Wikipedia article.

  1. Make Authentic Claims

As said above, Wikipedia is an encyclopedia which means every topic that is covered by Wikipedia has some sort of history or hype for which it has a Wikipedia entry. Being a Wikipedia writer, you must research if the claim you are making in your article is authentic and can be proved by resources from outside Wikipedia, so it can stick instead of being flagged for providing false information.

  • Make Sure Your Article Is Not Covered By Wikipedia

Before you start writing the information for Wikipedia, search for a related topic on Wikipedia to make sure it is not already covered by Wikipedia. In case you already have a Wikipedia article, go for the edits instead of writing it all over again. Editing a Wikipedia page also requires information and resources which you need to provide to edit a Wikipedia page.

  • Write In A Chronological Order

If you read a Wikipedia page, you must have observed that Wikipedia follows an order in which every Wikipedia article is written. Being a Wikipedia expert for hire, you must follow the sequential form of Wikipedia, so your readers don’t get confused with the provided information. According to the pattern, your Wikipedia article must have an introduction providing the readers with brief information about the topic, followed by the history and then the process.

  • Use Neutral Language

Wikipedia does not allow partial and glorifying facts about the topic. Whether they are positive facts about your company or negative comment about the company’s reputation, it will delete the page almost immediately after its publication. Besides the fact that Wikipedia is used as a marketing platform, it does not allow any promotional content except for authentic and credible facts about the company.

  • Make Your Information Readable

Any composition doesn’t have to be informative, but it needs to be readable. It is not possible until the article consists of small paragraphs and catchy headings. Make sure that your headings are able to tell the readers what contains in the paragraph with proper citations to make the information trustworthy.

  • Don’t Emphasize On A Single Fact

Once you are done with a fact and you have provided enough evidence to prove it, move forward. Over emphasizing make the article boring. Remember that Wikipedia doesn’t have any word limit, so you can concise your information making it worth reading so the readers don’t lose their interest in the topic.

  • Proofread

Last but not least, you must make sure to proof read your article to make it error free. You must remember that even the slightest mistake in the article can destroy your reputation as a Wikipedia writer on the platform.

To thrive as a Wikipedia expert and compose a well-researched Wikipedia page, you can follow the tips mentioned above and practice regularly to become an expert in writing.


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