Since the evolution of technology and its usage in marketing businesses, it has gone under many innovative developments. The constant change on search engine algorithms and the decreasing value of traditional SEO, businesses are willing to stay ahead of there game by acquiring new digital marketing trends to promote themselves as well as their businesses.

It is because of the increasing competition among business and industries on the internet. Even if you are a renowned business tycoon, if you don’t adapt to these market trends the chances are you’ll lose your customers and leads to your competition.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to every marketing strategy and efforts that take place online. Business startups might find this to be a new concept, but the chances are that you might already be using some of the digital marketing tactics to promote your business. Some of the digital marketing tactics include

  • Building a website
  • Social media
  • Blogs
  • Press release
  • SEO
  • emails

Among these the most effective and fastest growing marketing trends or tactics that businesses are hastily adopting for their business promotions is animations.  It is becoming the next big thing in digital marketing. Animated videos contain the power to help businesses break new grounds in reaching out to their potential customers.

The audience loves to hear stories. Video marketing gives marketers an opportunity to tell their customers their part of the story. It can be about your product or about how you were inspired to own a company. Having an animated video, you can attract the audience and convey your message in an entertaining and fun way. It gives you a chance to communicate with the audience, converting them into your loyal customers.

This article will discuss the different ways in which animation can be used as a platform in digital marketing.

Logo Animation

Logo animation is not something new. In fact, many renowned business platforms like Google have been utilizing the animated technology to animate their logos to emphasize what sets them apart in the competition. It is not necessary for a logo to move to depict animation.

The sense of animation and motion in the design can be mesmerizing. The flying arrow in the logo of FedEx and the flying bird in the Twitter logo is a perfect example of Logo animation.

You can do it in the same way and hire the animation studio to make a perfect animated logo for your company. It can make your business recognizable, especially when animated logos aren’t that widespread in the market.

Advertising on social media

Animations are a medium of conveying the message in an entertaining way. Humans being visually oriented creatures are persuaded to watch images. It is easier to understand, process and remember.

Many social media site prefer video content over written texts and other types of posts. It means that it is naturally more effective also generates more leads and have even a greater number of reach and conversion rates.

Using animated videos instead of living action videos have two advantages; one, it is cheap to produce and two it is much easier to incorporate even the minimal details effectively.

Animations can explain your Business

This is the best trait of animation. There are many different categories of animation that have the potential to easily explain even the most complex ideas to the audience. Furthermore, the incorporation of colors, images, and movement of compelling characters can compel the audience to watch the whole video instead of just some second of it.

Builds trust in your Business

Customers will only take a chance on you if they trust your brand. This applies to all the different marketing strategies, as they should be geared towards establishing a trust relationship with the clients. Animations, on the other hand, provides authentic and useful information to the prospects so they can build that trust relationship with your business.

You can use animated videos not just to provide information about your product; you can also use it to educate and entertain your customers. These videos will help you warm up your customers to be ready for your offers.

Benefits of animation in digital marketing

It can be said that animations are a way to convey the difficult and uninteresting ideas and messages in a fun and entertaining way. The same is not the case with textual content. Moreover, animations can boost conversion rates of your business via e-marketing campaigns. It can also be used to generate traffic directly by posting it on Google or YouTube.

It can be said that animations are more accessible to remember and they can be helpful in creating a memorable brand identity. It is a proven fact that a human brain is capable of processing the visual content much faster than written. Animations are relatively cheaper than other types of digital marketing strategies and have a positive impact on its search rankings.  


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