Off-Page SEO Techniques: A Guide to Advance your SEO

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As we all aware that there are two parts in SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. As I discussed on-page SEO in my previous blog, this is all about optimizing our website content. But this is different.

What is the off-page SEO?

You and others do all the activity outside the website refer to Off-page SEO. Most of the people confused about this, and they think that only creating a backlink for a website is called off-page Search Engine Optimization that is wrong.

This is not about only creating backlink but also if you mention your brand or website name outside your website without anchor text is called Offsite SEO.

Off-Page SEO meant for a search engine that what other people think about your website. If other people linking to your website, that means google to understand that this content is trustworthy.

Otherwise, why people will link to your website?

In my point, Off-Page SEO can be categorized into two parts one is a backlink, and another one is brand awareness.

Let’s dive in deep.


It merely means other website is referring to your website or pointing a link to your site.

There are two ways to get a backlink.

  1. Backlink Creation: This simply means you are creating the backlink for your website yourself.
  2. Earn Backlink: This means other people refer you because you have great content on your website.


Brand Presence

Brand awareness is also a part of off-page SEO. Name of your website mention on other website or social media send the signal to search engine. This also helps in ranking.

Now! Let’s talk about some of the most essential and popular off-page SEO techniques and activities that are majorly used by SEOs.

#1. Social Media Sharing & Bookmarking

It is the most popular and widely used in SEO. Social sharing plays a vital role in ranking and attract new users, as well. Most of the social media sites give a no-follow link, but it has a significant impact.

All you need to do is go to the list of social bookmarking sites and click on one of them and share your post with the broader community. Users will engage with your content, and if they find it useful, they will also share it with others. So it is the best part of social media.

#2. Guest Post

Guest posts are a great way to create a quality backlink for a website. Guest posting backlinks are considered the most powerful backlinks in comparison to others.

The guest process is relatively simple, find a website related to your niche and contact the site owner, provide information about your content and give a strong reason for how your content will be useful to his/her audience.

The site owner will review your content and will certainly publish your content if they find your content useful to their audience. And this way you will create a perfect backlink for your website.

#3. Podcast Submission

Podcasting is a modern and trending technique of backlinking. But few SEOs using this technique. The process of podcasting is quite simple. But you need to create a podcast.

A podcast is an audio file which is submitted on the media website. All you need to do is record audio on which topic you are working for. And make sure that voice should be clear and recorded in a proper file type so that a user can easily understand the podcast.

After creating the audio file, go to the podcast submission website and create an account and finally upload your file. Make sure that you are using a perfect title and description of your podcast so that people can easily find the topic. and put the source or URL of the podcast.

This way you can get a strong backlink for your website.

#4. Web 2.0 & Blog Post

Web 2.0 or Blog post is a quite simple way to get a quality backlink for your website.

Web 2.0 refers to websites that emphasize user-generated content, ease of use, participatory culture and interoperability for end users.

According to wikipedia

There are many websites out there that provide web 2.0 services. And let people create a custom website as they wish. But you will get a subdomain of that site.

Creating Web 2.0 or Blog is super easy. Go to a list of Web 2.0 sites, and open any of them, and register yourself with the name of your name or blog that you want and customize accordingly.

Finally, you have done all the steps; now you can start publishing your content or blog and link back to your website. In this way, you can get a backlink to your website.

#5. Article Post

Article posting is another way to create a backlink for a site. There are many high authority sites out there that allow users to publish their articles.

To post your article on another site, simply look at the list of article submission sites and select the sites that are from your industry or related to your niche.

Then register yourself and fill in all the details with a bio and start publishing articles, and link your website to the depth of content. Must use phrases or keywords on hyperlinks, not just paste naked links.

#6. Business Listing & Local Directory

A business directory is an excellent way to promote a business and useful for local SEO. Business listings help you present your business locally by entering relevant business details. This helps in creating an online presence in your area for your business and also attracts potential customers.

It is not very easy, but it is not difficult either. There are many business listing sites available that allow creating a business directory. just create a business account on the listed site and fill all business details carefully.

#7. Profile Creation

Profile creation is another way to get a natural backlink to your website. All you have to do is browse the list of profile creation sites, and register yourself one by one on each site. And provide all the details with the URL of your website.

What’s next?

Finally, you have created a backlink for your site.

Amazing, go ahead and learn another way!

#8. Question and Answer

Question and Answer A type of community site is available where you can ask one question and give an answer. Before using this community, you need to create an account then you can participate on the site.

Find out questions related to your niche or product and services to get a backlink from these communities. And try to give the best answer that satisfies the asker. Put the URL as a reference or hyperlink to the keyword in the response.

That way you can drive traffic to your website and have an excellent backlink too, great!

Find the list of question and answer sites here.

#9. Forum Posting

Forum posting is similar to the question and answer community. Just browse forum posting sites related to your product and services. And find if there is a forum or subform available that you are looking for.

If Not,

Leave the site, that not related to your niche, as creating or posting your forum on an irrelevant community can harm your website. It cannot be the basis of quality.

So, find the related forum and look for a thread that you want to reply to. If not available. Then create a thread and describe briefly. And follow the answer and give the best solution if no one can.

#10. Classified Submission

It is another excellent way to gain a backlink. Classified is an ad posting service offered by classified sites.

In this activity, you have to create an account first to post an ad after creating the account start publishing ad by choosing the most relevant category. Develop an eye-catchy title and description, website URL, and provide others detail too.

Finally, after providing all details, click on publish, that way you can sell your products and services and also get a backlink to your website.

Get Classified sites list here.

#11. Press Release

Press Release is another way to create a quality backlink. You can submit your press on a different high authority press release website.

You have to mention all the details about the press like conference place, date, or publishing media where the conference was live or recorded.

Use an eye-catchy title and description and describe your press conference in the details. Also, mention the key points and theme of the same and cite the source.

This way, you can get a quality backlink that can boost your website ranking.

#12. Blog Commenting

A blog comment is a great off-site SEO technique that is used to create a backlink. First, you need to do is browse the topic related to your niche then read that post carefully and go down you will see a comment box. Where the reader can share their feedback about that content.

Fill the all required field and put your personal experience in the comment box. Also, you can specify your intent about reading this blog and simply put the URL in the URL box if it exists otherwise, put in the comment box say something about the link. And wait for the approval, if your comment is held for moderation.

#13. Document Sharing

Document Sharing is another excellent way of off-page SEO techniques. You can create a document like PDF and PPT file with full of information. While creating document make sure describe you topic correctly. Also, link the website where required.

Finally, after finishing creation, look for the best document sharing website and create an account. After creating account upload your file and use a headline to let people know bout your document and also provide a description so that people and the search engine can understand.
Finally, after giving all the details, publish your file. and this way you can get a good backlink.

#14. Infographic Submission

Infographic submission another great and trending way of off-site SEO technique that is used to boost the website ranking on search engines.

Just create beautiful infographics with proper information. If you don’t know how to create, then use the online infographic making tools and create. You can put the link in the infographic and download it in a proper format.

Always use PDF format of your infographic fil so that the link for the same work properly.

After creating the file, browse the Infographic submission sites and publish with proper headline and description. Also, mention the URL of the published file.

#15. Video Sharing

Video sharing is another way of off-page SEO to get a backlink. Just create a beautiful video by explaining the topic well. Do all editing parts before if required.

And then look for some of the lists of high authoritative video publishing sites. Create an account by filling all details and finally upload your video. While uploading your video, make sure to use a descriptive headline and provide proper information about the video in the description box.

Aso, use # tag and also put the URL and then finally publish your video. This way, you have just created a high-quality backlink.

#16. Image Sharing

Image Sharing is another great way of off-page SEO techniques. Just make an outstanding image related to your niche. and contribute to image sharing website with your creative photos.

After registering yourself into the website, upload your images and put an eye catchy headline. Also, describe your images in the description box and put the link of your website in a URL box. If the URL box doesn’t exist, then place the link to the description box and finally publish your image.

#17. Directory Submission

Directory submission is now an outdated off-page SEO technique. But still, so many people use this technique to create backlink.

In this activity, there are four types of submission, instant directory submission, reciprocal, regular, and paid.

All you need to do is just go to the directory submission sites list and start submitting the link.

Click on the Add site, Submit URL, or submit the website and provide a title and your URL and choose the proper category and choose the type of submission.

After submitting you have to wait for approval after your listing approved you will get a backlink.


In this blog, I have discussed all types of off-page SEO techniques that are used to create a backlink to rank a website higher on Google and other search engines.

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