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Quora Marketing: Unleash the Power of Quora


Quora is not just a platform for backlink its beyond than you think.

Most of the SEO’s still unaware of the power of Quora. And they just use it for a backlink.

Head over to Quora Marketing Strategy…..

What do they do?

Just come to quora, create an account, fill account details with fake credentials, and ask questions or give answers to any question put the link and then exit.

That’s all; right?

This is not enough you can do on Quora.

What is Quora?

Quora is now a big question answer community and a great platform to leverage internet marketing campaigns.

It was founded by Adam D’Angelo in 2009.

Quora has 478.60 Million active users(Monthly)_according to Similarweb.

35% of users come from the United States, while 20.57% from India.

How to use Quora?

In this section, I’m going to guide you on how you can use Quora perfectly for marketing.

Create an Awesome Profile

Head over to

Register yourself and fill the details correctly.

After creating the account go to the profile section and click on edit.

Use a good looking image.

Write an appealing bio.

Put the website if you own any.

Fill qualification details.

Now you have completed your profile.

Let’s see netx…

Follow the topic relevant to your niche.

Search space on Quora related to your industry and expertise and follow all of them. Once you follow the topics, It will start suggesting you space that relevant to your chosen topic.

Steps to Contribute on Quora

Finally, you have done all, from creating a profile, the following topics to follow spaces.

Now, you are all set to take the next step.

Once you started sharing the post on any Quora space, your post needs approval from the admin.

More often your post will not be approved.

So, How to get rid of this?

If you want to remove the restriction, you need to do something.

let’s follow….

Go to any space, now click on People.

and then click on “Want to be a contributor? Apply here!”

A popup will open.

Now, write here why do you want to be a contributor to this space.

Give admin a strong reason to approve your request.

Pro tip: Here, write about your expertise, and how will you resolve the query of space members.

This will increase the chances of approval.

Once you get approval, the restriction on your account will be removed.

Now you can contribute to space without any restriction and your post will no longer need approval. You can post healthy tips and trick as many you want.

But, your account will be under admin surveillance, so don’t try to spam there. Otherwise, the admin will remove the right of the contributor, and again you will become just a follower.

Benefits of using Quora

There are several benefits using Quora, but here I’ll be discussing core benefits.

So, lets follow….

Helps in Generating Traffic

Quora is a big community platform where 478 Million people engage monthly and the average time spent by a user is 03:01. So here you have a great opportunity to drive some specific users to your website.

Find the problems on Quora what solution you offer and then try to resolve by explaining the steps.

This way you can generate huge traffic to your website.

It Helps in SEO

Another benefit of using Quora is it helps in SEO. As I mentioned above it helps in generating traffic, and traffic helps in SEO indirectly.

Another way,

You have a profile with some particular area expertise, and this is helping community by resolving their queries.

It shows that you have expertise in specific domains, and expertise is the first part of the EAT ranking factor that helps in SEO.

Making Money

Now, You can earn money on quora directly.

Just make space on Quora and increase the followers, also invite for moderator, contributor, and admin as well.

Quora has just introduced earning features for space, which will let you earn money using quora.

A Space’s earnings is based on how much people engage with the Space and the advertising revenue generated from their usage.

This way you can earn money.

Final thoughts

I have crafted this piece of content with the passion to help the community, and try to explain Quora Marketing Strategy in all my possible way.

I hope you will enjoy this guide don’t forget to share your love, just comment below and share with your contacts.

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