If you are seeking for the best animation tips that can bring in life to your animations, then this is the place where you should start. Animation has become competitive than ever. The leading edge computer and mobile phone have given way to innovative approaches for animating great videos. In the midst of the fast-paced tech world, you should be aware of the best innovative ideas for video animation to stay ahead of the competitors.
In this article, we are going to reveal the best innovative ideas for video animation that can reduce the tasks’ load and enable you to amaze the fans with great animations.

Pay Attention to the Key Frames

The animation is more about poses. You should never forget that individual frames make up a movement to convey a story. The keyframes are the initial and ending movements in almost every situation. You should build a robust first and last pose before thinking about what should come in between them. It is highly important to build these two poses the best you can, making them memorable to the audience.

Carefully Observe the Real Life

Observation stands as the essential part in almost every animation. While creating any animation, you should aim to bring life to the objects. You should go through thought processes to come up with an idea about how emotions can be displayed in the best manner.
You can spend time observing how different people make conversations in the real-life, and how they interact with someone new. Most importantly, you should see how people express their emotions.
The audience can worth their weight in gold when it is about creating animations. You should never be bothered by spending time on figuring out new ideas. It can be considered as the worthy research.

Learn More about Gravity

Interestingly, gravity affects almost everything in the world. It can influence different people in varied ways. While people who are tall and thin are lighter on feet, the bulkier ones fall heavily. Such people’s waist can dip more. As gravity affects people, you can present different individuals effectively concerning gravitational force on them.

Accept Constructive Criticism

It is essential to pay attention to the constructive criticism instead of overlooking it completely. Interestingly, constructive criticism often does not aim to offend a person but helps in achieving the desired results in less time.
It can take years to reach a specific level of perfection in animation. In case, you don’t receive positive feedback, then the people commenting might be trying to help you. Unfortunately, many people find constructive criticism as a part of personal preference.

Request for Feedback

Feedback is the crucial part of progressive development. It is smart to look for feedback from reliable figures who can assist you in improving yourself. It is common to receive varied feedback from the audience. The feedback can lead to a learning opportunity that could help us achieve great goals in a short span of time. The professionals working at the best Video Animation Inc companies request feedback from viewers regularly, aiming to improve their skillset.

The Basic Approach

You might figure out that your system is at the max load when you’re working on a high-resolution model. This can affect the overall animation process greatly. The moment you play an animation in the real-time, you might not be able to see each frame.
If you happen to work on a character in motion, you can make use of the proxy model to get rid of the issue. Afterward, you can work hassle-freely with the movement.

Discover a Reference in Real Time

You can leverage a reference belonging to the real world. It can help you with facial animation effectively. The moment a studio works with a voice-over artist, they start recording the facial movement so that the person animating can ensure the genuineness of their expressions.
In case, this isn’t possible, then you might consider choosing own face so that you have a reference. You can make use of a mirror and speak accordingly. In this way, you will be able to come up with just the right set of expressions.


About a few years ago, various people had argued that individuals belonging to specific age group only could utilize the animated software.
However, with the emergence of leading-edge digital media, the animation is transforming rapidly. So far, we have revealed the best and innovative ideas for video animation. If you know about any other innovative idea for video animation, then feel free to mention and add value to this article.
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