Visual media holds power to overcome nearly every other medium for marketing in term of engagement. In the modern-day, businesses have started leveraging the power of visual media to attract and convert more visitors. According to researchers, a video can make a visitor interested in a particular product or service, convincing them to either register, subscribe, pay, or perform an action. Think about why will write about a product when you can explain about in an effective manner through a video?

Interestingly, a compelling video can capture audience attention for a longer duration than the textual or audio-based media. As per stats, about more than 70% of the overall internet traffic belongs to video. Therefore, today, we are going to reveal the best video marketing techniques that every business should know about. Read along to discover everything:

Advertisement Free Videos

Since childhood, we program our brains to skip a channel on Television as soon as it displays an ad. Same is the case for video marketing. With the emergence of smart phones, screens have become smaller and accessible to everyone. However, users tend to view useful, informative, and compelling content on their handheld devices rather than the tedious commercials. In case, you video appears to be promoting, then chances are that viewers will move on.

Thus, it is obvious that users have a number of reasons to skip a channel or scroll through their newsfeed skipping a video that is dull, boring, or advertising. In reality, no one wants to watch a video voluntarily. Users tend to go for media that delivers value to them. These values can be in form of humor, laugh, valuable information, and much more. You can consider it as a situation where an aged couple waits at an airport, and the entire airport staff is supporting them to make them feel comfortable. The scenario is enough to melt hearts, leaving a remarkable impression among audience’s mind.

Keeping things Simple

As a matter of fact, an average internet user has a shorter attention span than a lion in the zoo. It is the reason people tend to skim articles rather than reading whole of it. Capturing the visitors’ attention is linked with representing brand values in the first go. Think of it as a marketing tagline that delivers brand values, ideas, and message at the same time. Video marketing is not different. There are more chances that visitors will view a video that is available at the beginning of a website. However, a video should be engaging and appealing to convert more visitors.

Different social media platforms have made it simple for the companies to achieve benefits of video marketing. Just as a great logo designer can help in engaging more visitors, Animated videos can help keeping viewers engaged with a brand. For instance, Facebook displays various videos on the Newsfeed, but you tend to skip those that are uninteresting.

Capturing Audience’s Interest

Customers’ taste varies over time. To trigger interest of audience, marketers tend to offer engaging and appealing media. This is the reasons marketers have introduced video marketing strategies to invoke customers’ engagement. The video marketing strategy enables the viewers to take active participation and come up with efficient results. This works just like game stories. A designer can introduce compelling storyline in a video, making viewers interested in the offering.

A great video can carry a message and idea in a way that none of the static content can ever do. A video animation can trigger exclusive engagement to your website. You can look at the quality-rich free images on decent websites and see how they deliver value through visuals. For instance, if a charity institution is looking to gather donations, it can highlight the needy children who require help. In this way, it will invoke emotions among the audience, highlighting the power of video animation.

Lead Capturing & Enchanting the Audience

You can use the visual media to bring in more engagement. Consider it as using the video marketing to convert more visitors. Various brands make use of videos to spread education about a specific product among the target audience. You can expect your videos to not to be viewed only but convert viewers effectively. A large number of brands can do so. Consider a brand that uses videos to educate the audience about how to use their products or services.


Video marketing offers limitless opportunities. You can receive more leads and conversions through advertisement placed on a video. You can keep the content in video short, but worthy enough to capture audience attention.

Author Bio:Gerry Wilson is a technology freak and a passionate blog writer who loves to write about technology/Apps/Business related articles. Follow @GerryyWilson on twitter for further details.


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