Nowadays, every work has started getting online, so many people have got employment online too. Everyone searches the Internet on how to earn money from internet. After searching, they get a lot of results, but no one can easily find any article or answer that satisfies them easily. 

If you search about making money online then one thing is clear that you must have heard or read about affiliate marketing. Many new internet users do not know what affiliate marketing is and how to earn money from it? So, lets talk about it deeply.

What Actually Affiliate Marketing is?

Affiliate Marketing is a way to earn money by selling any product without buying it. The real meaning of affiliate marketing is that we promote the product of a website that sells an online product through a link and when any customer buys the product from our link, then that company will give us 2% of the price of that product. Up to 20% of the commission gives, this commission can be more. This process is called Affiliate Marketing.

As if a website is selling a mobile 10,000 rupees, if that website permits affiliate marketing, then we can create an account on that website and promote the mobile. After which if a customer purchases that mobile from our affiliate link, then 5% commission is being given by the online company on that mobile, then we will get 500 rupees in commission form.

The process of affiliate marketing is very easy. First of all, we have to know what our interest is in the field. As our interest is in technology, we will join the same type of Affiliate Marketing program. After joining the Affiliate Marketing program, we get a Refer link which we can share in our blog, Facebook page or any other place. When a person purchases anything by clicking on our link, we will get a commission.

There must have been a question in your mind that whatever affiliate marketing program allows, then let us know that Flipkart, Amazon, Hostgator, Bluehost etc. run Affiliate marketing Programs to promote all their products and other services.

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Just like you want to earn money by reffering the product associated with technology, you can create an account on amazon or flipkart, for us, name, email id, address, mobile number, pan card detail, blog/website url or facebook page, and Payment details are required.

After creating an account, the Affiliate Marketing Team approves our account by checking it well. If our account adheres to the rules of the affiliate marketing website, then they give us an affiliate link to share the product. Which we use as advertising on our blog or social media page. After which when a person clicks his intrest in that product, then he goes to the selling page of Affiliate Marketing.

f a person or customer purchases anything from a donation, then you get commission of the product purchased. Commission of each product given in Affiliate Marketing is already determined. The company running the Affiliate Marketing program has a fixed withdrawl limit. When more money is made, they send money to our account.

As the affiliate marketing company’s minimum withdrawl limit is 3000, then when you earn money from Affiliate Marketing, you get the money after 3,000 rupees or more.

Best Affiliate marketing website

Although there is a lot of website on the Internet that promotes affiliate marketing, but it is not necessary that every website is worth the trust. Therefore, we will tell you about Affiliate Marketing website which is completely trusted and absolutely secure. 1. amazon
2. Flipkart
3. Snapdeal
4. commission junction
5. ClickBank
6. GoDaddy
7. Bluehost
8. HostGator 

All these websites promote Affiliate Marketing and by making Affiliate accounts, you can earn a lot of money by reffering the product of your favorite category. 


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